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Building Bridges of Understanding

Individual Memberships


For a Constituent Society member to become a member of ISH A full list of those constituent societies can be seen here

  • Please complete the Individual Application "Member of a Constituent Society" form online


If you are NOT a member of one of our active Constituent Society and wish to join ISH:

1. Please complete the Individual Application "Not a member of a Constituent Society" form online

2. Follow the instructions to send your application to ISH along with the requested documents* . The credentials committee will check and review. Once the credentials committee has reviewed your application, ISH will notify you regarding your membership status.

*To complete the process to become a member you find below a list of documents. Your application will be viewed by our membership committee. Afterwards you will receive notice:  

  1. Resume or Curriculum Vita with information on your field of education and University.

  2. A list and description of your previous training experiences in hypnosis (e.g. workshops and conferences attended, certifications obtained, etc.).

  3. A copy of your license, registration or credential to practice.


New Constituent Society (CS) Membership

If you would like to become a NEW International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) Constituent Society Member, you can:

  • Apply online by completing the online form.
  • Please enclose with this application 

1. A full list of board members/officers 

2. A list or directory of current members as of this filing date 

3. Constitution and By-laws of National Society (also in English) 

4. Code of Ethics of your Society (also in English) 

5. Signed Addition to the ISH Code of Ethics agreed upon in the COR meeting Oct 2023. You find it here

6. Send a copy of any publication or newsletter, which your Society publishes 

7. Processing fee payment of EU 110.00 (USD 150.00) (can be done online) 

8. A list of your scheduled activities, if you want them posted in our Event calendar. 

  • After completing your application, you will receive the invoice for the New Application Processing Fee of $150 USD.   Once this is paid, your application will be reviewed by the credentials committee, the COR chair and the board of directors.  After their review, we will contact you to let you know of your approval status.
  • After your application has been approved, you will receive an invoice for the remainder of your dues.