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ISH Monthly Masterclass - Listening for effective hypnotic suggestions by Mark Jensen- Wed, 12 Oct 2022, 17-20 CET

12 Oct 2022
5:00pm - 8:00pm CEST

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ISH Monthly Masterclass -

Listening for effective hypnotic suggestions

By Mark Jensen

Date: 12 October 2022

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm CEST





This workshop will provide a description and demonstration of a strategy for identifying effective hypnotic suggestions for helping clients more effectively achieve their treatment goals.  It will begin with a brief presentation of research findings demonstrating the central role that client’s “self-talk” (i.e., self-suggestions) plays in facilitating or suppressing goal attainment.  The facilitator will then demonstrate the use of two strategies (open questions and reflective listening) to identify the helpful self-suggestions (to be nurtured) and less than helpful self-suggestions (to be gently altered).  Participants will then be encouraged to practice the strategies to increase their confidence in being able to use the technique in their practice.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the role that automatic thoughts (also known as “self-suggestions”) play in an individual’s psychological function and behavior.
  2. Be able to use two specific techniques to increase the frequency of a client’s adaptive automatic self-suggestions, including the use of (a) open questions and (b) reflective listening.
  3. Be able to use the adaptive self-suggestions identified in the context of a formal hypnosis session to enhance outcome efficacy.



 Please find below the time the workshop will take place in your timezone: 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 10am (Austin) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 11pm (Beijing) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 5pm (Berlin, Paris) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 10am (Cancun) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 4pm (London) |

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 11am (New York/Toronto) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 11pm (Perth) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 5pm (Pretoria) | 

| October 12th, 2022 (Wednesday) | 8am (Seattle) | 

| October 13th, 2022 (Thursday) | 2am (Sydney) | 

| October 13th, 2022 (Thursday) | 12am (Tokyo) | 

| October 12h, 2022 (Wednesday) | 6.30pm (Tehran) | 


 You can check additional timezones here. 



Will the Webinar be recorded?

Yes, the link to re-watch the session will be shared to all people who registered for the meeting. 

How long will the recording be available?

After sharing the link, the recording will be available for at least 30days to re-watch the session. 

When will the room be opened?

The room will be opened 15min prior to the workshop. (4.45pm)


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12 Oct 2022
5:00pm - 8:00pm CEST

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